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The Company's philosophy of discharging its social responsibility goes beyond donations and sponsoring charity events, where it engages with the society to maximize the overall impact on the livelihood and welfare of people. The Company engages in various dynamic initiatives which vary with the needs of society and environment. The Company sets aside a budget to fund the identified projects / programs/ activities which range from community development to generating employment, health care, women & child welfare and also promoting sports.

In terms of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy, the Company has undertakes projects in the areas of health, provision of drinking water, sanitation and education & livelihood.

The Company partners with Sevak Trust, with whom it has been associated for more than a decade, to undertake following CSR activities:

A project to set up a Vocational Training Centre (VTC) in Aurangabad, Maharashtra or its sub-urban areas to provide training and education to school drop-outs and educationally & economically under-privileged unemployed youth

A Village Development Project (VDP) aimed at community development through adoption of villages

Vocational Traning Center

The objective of setting up of Vocational Training Centre (VTC) in the vicinity of Aurangabad is to provide adequate training and education to school drop-outs, families of workers and educationally & economically under-privileged unemployed youth thereby enhancing their skill sets to improve their employability.

Operations at VTC are undertaken in the name of Endurance Centre of Vocational Empowerment ("ECoVE"). ECoVE imparts training for following vocational courses:

  • Tailoring
  • Electrical work (house wiring)
  • Retail store/ counter training
  • Computer literacy

Village Development Project

The Company has undertaken community development through Sevak Trust by way of Village Development Project (VDP) at villages in the surrounding area of Aurangabad located within the radius of about 25 ~ 40 km.. The areas of development and the activities undertaken are detailed below

Health & Nutrition

  • Organising of eye & general medical health check-up camps
  • Facilitating cataract operations

Water & Sanitation

  • Construction of toilets
  • Construction of well and setting up of Reverse Osmosis plants for providing safe drinking water

Agricultural methodology and livelihood

  • Organising specialised agriculture trainings for farmers with the objective of making agriculture more profitable
  • Construction of mangers


  • Organising training for teachers
  • Renovation of school buildings including construction of separate toilets for male and female students
  • Setting up of library
  • Installation of inverters for uninterrupted e-learning

Community development

Providing financial assistance, as interest free loan, for purchase of goats, to female members of the village society. The objective is helping them in generating income for livelihood


To promote sports and fitness and give opportunity to the youth in the Marathwada region Endurance Technologies has set up a tennis academy with MSLTA to promote young talent and give them a platform to hone their skills

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