Special Features

  • Hard / Nickel Chrome Plated Piston Rod for smooth functioning
  • Single garter-metal clad-superior quality oil seal for long life
  • Dust Seal (PATENTED) to perform under severe muddy conditions
  • Specially blended suspension oil for superior performance
  • High quality valves with imported raw material
  • Use of high grade material for suspension springs to enhance durability
  • Well designed end cushions in various materials for improved comfort
  • Best in class tuning of suspension spring and damper for comfort and sporty rides
  • 100% damping force testing on computerized servo hydraulic machines
  • Optimally pressurized nitrogen gas for superior comfort (Selected applications)
  • PTFE coated bushing for reduced friction and improved performance (Selected applications)
  • PTFE banded pistons (Selected applications)
  • Optimized design of suspension systems to withstand high working loads

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